Special Activities in the Field of H2S Operations


Chief Developer of Texas Railroad Commission Rule 36 for Hydrogen Sulfide Public Safety.

Developed internal safety training for Texas Railroad Commission staff.

Conducted six Safety Training Seminars in 1975 for the Texas Department of Public Safety Personnel.

Organized seminars for Texas Railroad Commission Industry Compliance.

Requested speaker on Hydrogen Sulfide regulation and safety at various industry and public groups in Texas and other states; fifteen (15) presentations in 1976.

Served as advisor to other states who are developing H2S regulations modeled after Texas rules.

Served as advisor and consulted numerous clients in conducting compliance studies.

Actively engaged by numerous clients to develop H2S safety systems.

Developed contingency plans for various clients with Hydrogen Sulfide operations.

Served as instructor at Petro-Management, Inc. sponsored H2S Safety School.

Served as expert witness on H2S for Basin Operating Company and Rudman Oil & Gas in the original Eustace Field Rule Hearing.

Developed the H2S Safety Plan for Delhi Gas Company and Texas Oil & Gas East Texas H2S System on H2S operation for drilling, completion and production.

Served as expert witness for Woolf & Magee, Inc. on its McCord Well #1, Henderson County, Texas. Protested by citizens group to prevent drilling of well. Texas Railroad Commission ruled in favor of Woolf & Magee, Inc.

Served as expert witness and consultant to the Union Grove School District of Upshur County, Texas on concerns about H2S operation in their area.

Developed H2S Safety Manual and H2S Contingency Plan for Tejas Gas Company East Texas Operations.

Served on Texas Railroad Commission Advisory Committee for review of Texas Railroad Commission Rule "36" effectiveness in 1984.

Served as an H2S Operations expert witness in several regulatory and civil litigation cases from 1976 to present.

Served as the primary engineering consultant on the planning for drilling, completion, and operation of more than 50 deep, high-pressure H2S wells in Texas Railroad Commission Districts 5 & 6. Assignment required the development of procedures, both for operating and safety, including the selection and specifications of materials.

As member and chairman of the East Texas Section of SPE, conceptualized and planned the 1974 "Sour Gas and Crude" Symposium held by the SPE in Tyler, Texas.

Served as guest instructor for H2S training for the American Society of Safety Engineers.

Served as consultant to Oxy USA Development H2S Safety Plan for Eustace-Myrtle Springs.

Prepared H2S Update Safety Plan for Trident NGL, Ginger Extension in Ranger County, Texas.

Served as consultant and advisor to Freeport McMoran on H2S Plan for Main Pass 299 Sulfur Field.

Collected and reviewed over 300 publications on H2S and prepared a bibliography of same in 1990.

Prepared a briefing on "Shelter in Place" for H2S for the Railroad Commission of Texas.

Developed H2S Safety Contingency Plan for Trident NGL, Inc., Myrtle Springs Gas Gathering System, 1993.

Prepared H2S Safety Study of Installation for Tufco in East Texas, 1993.

Developed H2S Awareness Training for Tufco in East Texas, 1993.

Prepared H2S Safety Study for Installation by TU Electric.

Developed H2S Safety Contingency Plan for Ultra Petroleum (U.S.A.), Inc., White Estate, Cedar Creek South (Smackover), Henderson County, Texas, 1997.

Developed H2S Safety Contingency Plan for Dynegy Midstream Services, L.P., Eustace/Edgewood/Myrtle Springs/Ginger, Rains, Van Zandt and Henderson Counties, Texas.

Developed H2S Safety Contingency Plan for Vintage Petroleum, Inc., Bright Star/Ginger, Edgewood/Edgewood NE, Fruitvale/Fruitvale-East, Wade, Wesson, Rains and Van Zandt Counties, Texas.


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