John Garvey, Petroleum Engineer





1988 - Present            Senior Staff Project Engineer, James E. Smith & Associates, Inc., Tyler, TX

Worked in all areas of Petroleum Engineering for numerous clients over the past twenty-seven (27) years.  Assignments include multi-level involvement in all aspects of evaluation, drilling, completion, production with job descriptions from wellsite supervision to engineering/operations manager.  During this period, have worked for numerous clients providing service as needed or required.  Listed below is a detail of major programs.





                                                   Summary of Major Programs from 1988 - 2015


2013 – 2015                Vess Oil Corporation, Consulting Petroleum Engineer

Completion designs and supervision of horizontal Woodbine and Eaglebine wells in Madison and Brazos Counties, Texas.  Assignment was design of completion, wellsite supervision, supervision of activities and production monitoring.  Supervised wellsite consultants.  Reported to CEO.


2006 – 2013                Forest Oil Corporation, Consulting Petroleum Engineer

Completion designs and supervision of vertical and horizontal wells in East Texas, South Texas, North Texas, West Texas and North Louisiana.  Initial involvement was startup of the Eastern Business Unit operations in East Texas. Assignment was design of completions, wellsite supervision and supervision of activities. Focus moved to Haynesville completions in North Louisiana. Work scope transitioned to Eagleford completions in South Texas.  Moved to New Venture Group and worked acreage blocks in West Texas with completions in Wolfcamp and Bone Springs.  Supervised wellsite consultants.  Reported to VP of Business, engineering managers and production engineers during the seven (7) years.


2007 – 2010                NFR Energy, LLC, Consulting Petroleum Engineer

Completion designs and supervision on horizontal Cotton Valley and Haynesville wells in East Texas.  Initial involvement was startup of operation in East Texas.  Assignment was design of completion, wellsite supervision and supervision of activities.  Work transition to wellsite frac supervision as company developed.  Reported to completion engineers.


2005 – 2007                Chalker Energy Partners I and II, Consulting Petroleum Engineer

Completion designs and supervision of vertical Cotton Valley wells.  Assignment was to maximize potential on acreage blocks.  Chalker I sold to Forest Oil and Chalker II sold to NFR.  Transitioned to both companies for startup and continued involvement as needed.  Along with engineering and wellsite responsibilities, supervised the wellsite consultants.  Reported to VP of Operations.


2003 – 2008                Beusa Energy, LLC, Consulting Petroleum Engineer

                                    Completion designs and supervision of vertical and horizontal Cotton Valley

wells in North Louisiana.  Worked initially in completion activities with later involvement on completion design and production monitoring.  Reported to completion engineers.


1999 – 2005                Bligh Petroleum, Consulting Petroleum Engineer

Monitor and coordinate production operations at Bayou Choctaw Field in South Louisiana.  Design and supervision of deep directional wells in South Louisiana. Provide engineering support in all areas of drilling and completion.  Reported to President.


1998- 1999                  Apache Corporation, Consulting Petroleum Engineer

Wellsite drilling supervision on Bossier wells in Freestone County, Texas. Reported to Drilling Manager.


1995 – 1998                American Cometra, Inc., Consulting Petroleum Engineer

Drilling and completion designs on 16,000’ Pinnacle Reef wells in Leon County, Texas.  Involved in the initial drilling operation and completion operations. Provide wellsite supervision on drilling and completion operations.  Reported to Engineering Manager.


1988 – 1995                Petroleum Production Management, Consulting Petroleum Engineer

                                    SMK Energy, Consulting Petroleum Engineer

                                    Gibraltor Chemical Company, Consulting Petroleum Engineer

                                    Zapata Energy Company, Consulting Petroleum Engineer

                                    BWOC, Consulting Petroleum Engineer                 

Worked in all areas of engineering providing support to above projects.


1987 - 1988                 Independent Consulting Petroleum Engineer, Tyler, Texas

Developed drilling prospects for operators.  Economic evaluations of oil and gas properties for lending institutions.  Evaluated properties for individuals and screened private investments.  Worked with major companies to place producing properties.  Performed various on-site drilling and completion activities.


1985 – 1987                Texlan Oil Company, Tyler, Texas, Vice President

Dealt with investment group and working interest participants.  Supervised all field operations. 


1981 - 1985                 Engineering Manager

Prepared all AFE’s and DWE’s.  Coordinated and supervised all field operations.  Handled all Railroad Commission and Conservation Commission permits, filings, etc.


1980 – 1981                Cities Service Company, Staff Engineer, Enhanced Oil Recovery Department, Jackson, Mississippi

Project Engineer for Thermal Recovery Project in Bellevue Field, Caddo Parrish, Louisiana.  Supervised all field operations along with all economic forecasts.  Presented paper, “Bellevue, a Successful In-Situ Combustion Project,” at numerous SPE/DOE meetings.  Supervised staff in locating new EOR candidates.


1979 - 1980                 Engineer II, Reservoir Engineering Department, Jackson, Mississippi

Prepared reservoir performance forecast models on various reservoirs and calculated potential new reserves.  Worked with legal and land departments on field wide unitization projects.  Testified numerous times before the State of Louisiana Conservation Department.


1978 - 1979                 Engineer I, Production Engineering Department, Jackson, Mississippi

Prepared AFE’s and DWE’s.  Supervised drilling and completion field work on wells ranging from 350 to 12,000 feet.  Monitored production on a Smackover gas recycling project.


1977 - 1978                 Engineer I, Mechanical Engineering Department, Jackson, Mississippi

Designed casing strings, rod strings and pumping units.  Designed and installed gas gathering and waterflood systems.  Designed and ordered production equipment.


1977                            Engineer, Wichita, Kansas

Conducted field study and biocide testing on micellar polymer project.




1977                            Mississippi State University, B.S. Petroleum Engineering