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Kenneth Wayne Smith


Work Experience

11/05 – Present    James E. Smith & Associates, Inc.

Wellsite Supervision on Cotton Valley and Haynesville wells, both vertical and horizontal.  Supervise snubbing and workover operations.

08/05 – 10/05        Ovation Energy

Drilled two Travis Peak Wells 10-11,500’ in Nacogdoches, TX.

11/04 – 07/05        Exco Resources, Inc.

Drilled five wells in Henderson Area and one workover, repair casing.

07/04 – 09/04        Comstock Oil & Gas, Beckville, TX

Drilled one well, perf and frac, and run completion.

01/04 – 03/04        Petro Quest Energy, Inc., Carthage, TX

Well planning & AFE’s for five wells, rig selection, preparation and location, integrated services performed or supervised.

07/99 – 12/03        Senior Drilling Supervisor, Addington Exploration, Carthage, TX

Well planning, supervise drilling operation staking wells, building locations, drilling wells, frac wells, turn wells to production.  Have drilled a total of fifteen wells in the Deadwood Area.

12/97 – 07/98        Senior Drilling Supervisor, AMOCO ETPG, Marquez, TX.

Supervise drilling a Wildcat reef well in Marquez, Texas, to 18,500’ using water base and oil base mud @ 18.3 ppg.  Completed well one of the fastest, under-budget and least problem wells that Amoco drilled in this area.

08/97 – 12/97        Senior Drilling Supervisor, Sonat WSBU Reef Team, Marquez & Jewitt, TX

Supervise drilling a Wildcat reef well in Marquez, Texas to 18,000’, using water base and hematite oil base mud @ 18.3 ppg.  Completed well and run well frac.  Moved rig and re-built mud system and choke manifold system on rig.  Supervisor drilling a wildcat Cotton Valley well in Jewitt, TX.

11/96 – 8/97          Senior Drilling Supervisor , Union Texas Petroleum, Pakistan:

Supervise re-building mud system, and up grade rig.  Moved rig and drilling 10,000 feet to 18,000 feet deviated exploratory well in remote area using KCL-polymer mud.

10/95 - 11/96         Senior Drilling Supervisor , Walter International Congo, Inc., Congo

Implement and supervised drilling, completion and workover operations on 16 hole load bearing platform.  Used a self erecting Tender and platform rig.  Wells deviated to 98 deg., drilling horizontal in H2S environment.  Run open hole screen completion, Gravel pack, and acidizing.  Run downhole variable speed motors & pumps installed.

04/95 - 09/95         Senior Drilling Supervisor , Union Texas Petroleum, Singapore and

Organization and supervision loading out drillship and supply barge, with all drilling and testing equipment for remote drilling operation in Singapore.  Modified the anchor system on drill ship from 1,500 feet, to be able to anchor up in 2,000 feet of water.  The drill ship moved to Indonesia's water and anchored up in 2,000 feet of water. Drilled exploratory well to a depth of 14,000 feet.

02/95 - 04/95         Senior Drilling Supervisor, Union Texas Petroleum, Argentina:

Drilled two exploratory wells with PHPA mud in with a semi in 400 feet of water.  Well Depth was +/- 14,000 feet.

10/94         Retired from AMOCO.

07/94 - 10/94         Drilling Supervisors , AMOCO, U.S.A.

Supervised air drilling gas wells on 3 land rigs to a depth of +/-8,500 ft. in Red Oak, Ok.

03/83 - 07/94         Senior Drilling Supervisors , AMOCO, International

03/94 - 04/94         Senior Drilling Supervisor, AMOCO, Trinidad:

Drilled high-pressure gas well to 16,000 ft. off jackup with mud weight up to 23.0 ppg hematite mud.

12/93 - 02/94         Senior Drilling Supervisor, AMOCO, Myanmar , Burma

Assignment to Mayanmar to evaluate Government land drilling rigs for utilization for drilling project.  Ways and means of moving rig in remote jungle area for drilling and cost efficient.

09/93 - 10/93         Senior Drilling Supervisor, AMOCO, Trinidad

Evaluate drilling equipment and set up inventory control for new drilling rig built for AMOCO.

09/90 - 05/93         Senior Drilling Supervisor, AMOCO, Congo

Supervised drilling and completion of two 16-hole platforms in an H2S environment from self-erection Tender.  Wells deviated to 86 deg., open hole completion, gravel packing (longest in world at this time), downhole variable speed motors & pumps.  Ran coiled tubing operations to pull plugs and acidize wells.  Reclaim one slot using the Metal Muncher (TRI-STATE).  Drilled 300 meters of 13-3/8” casing.

11/92 - 12/92         Senior Drilling Supervisor, AMOCO, Congo:

Supervised drilling of 2 offshore wells in a H2S environment for ARCO International.  Wells drilled safely and under budget in record time.

07/90 - 09/90         Senior Drilling Supervisor, AMOCO, South Africa:

Modified and rebuilt tender and drilling rig for Amoco Congo operations, for a 3-year contract.  Load tested all drilling equipment to be used in drilling in the Congo for AMOCO

04/90 - 07/90         Senior Drilling Supervisor, AMOCO, Madagascar:

Organization and supervision getting drilling rig and road building related equipment together to drill in remote location in Monbosba Kenya.  Moved all equipment on barges to Madagascar.  Landed barges on beach and off loaded equipment.  Built 30 miles of road through jungles to transport drilling rig from beach landing.  Built remote location & Moved rig in and successfully drilled exploratory well to 9,800 feet.  Moved rig out of jungle, and loaded it out on barges for tow back to Kenya.

01/90 - 03/90         Senior Drilling Supervisor, AMOCO, Ghana:

Drilled critical offshore exploratory well using a jackup rig.  Drilled well to 12,500 feet using modified PHPA mud.

11/89 - 01/90         Senior Drilling Supervisor, AMOCO, Congo:

Supervised drilling of 2 exploratory well to 3,500 meters with a Semi in 400 ft. of water and completed drill stem testing using down hole motors.

08/89 - 10/89         Senior Drilling Supervisor, AMOCO, Kenya:

Supervised moving and drilling exploratory well in remote area to a depth of 12,000 ft. using PHPA mud.

02/89 - 08/89         Drilling Manager , GUPCO, AMOCO, Egypt:

Managed daily operations from 6 to 12 drilling rigs, jackups, and Tender rigs.  Designed and implemented extensive drilling, completion and workover programs using drilling turbines (3 stage), oil base mud, coiled tubing, N2 gas, downhole pumps installations, tubing conveyed guns, etc.

03/82 - 02/89         Drilling Superintendent, GUPCO, AMOCO, Egypt:

Supervised from 2 to 6 drilling rigs, jackups, drillships and semi's.  Implemented drilling, completion and workover programs using drilling turbines (3 stage), pdc bits, oil base mud, coiled tubing, N2 gas, downhole pumps installations, tubing conveyed guns, etc.  Help TRI-STATE build metal Muncher for drilling casing and related equipment.  Redesign and design surface equipment for handling steel cuttings for reclaiming old slots on platforms that could be used on different types of drilling rigs.  Recovered a total of 18 slots +/-2,000 ft. on different platforms and rigs.

06/79 - 03/82         Senior Drilling Foreman To Drilling Supervisor, Egypt:

Supervised Jackup operations for drilling exploratory, and production wells.  Completion and workovers on 8,000 ft. to 13,000 ft. wells using predominantly oil based mud ranging from 9.5 to 19.0 ppg

01/68 - 01/79         Tower-Pusher  to Drilling Superintendent, Sonat, International, Egypt, Iran, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bahrain, Dubai, Sharjah, Pakistan, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates

Did just about everything there is to do on drill ships, jackups, platforms rigs, tendered rigs, land rigs. Extensive training in operations, maintenance, drilling fluid systems, cementing and completion services.

01/58 - 01/68         Roughneck to Toolpusher, Butler Drilling Company & Trico Drilling, Texas:

      Worked all drilling equipment on land rigs over Texas.  Drilled by the foot, and turn-keyed wells.  Drilling from 5,000 to 19,000 feet.


1961                    Graduated Channelview High School

1962          Attended Texas A&M (1962-63), Multiple Industry Schools (list attached)

Professional Training

2004               Randy Smith Well Control

2003               Randy Smith Well Control

1999               MMS Well control

1996               H2S Safety Procedures (stop)

1995               Randy Smith Well Control

1995               H2S Safety Procedures (stop)

1994               Randy Smith Well Control

1994               H2S Safety Procedures (stop)

1993               Randy Smith Well Control

1993               Presenter at Worldwide Drilling Conference (How to drill record wells)

1993               AMOCO patent drilling equipment designed by me.

1993               H2S Safety Procedures (Secorp)

1993               H2S Safety Procedures (stop)

1992               MMS Well control              

1992               H2S Safety Procedures (Stop)

1992               Drilling Environmental Training Program

1991               MMS Well control

1991               H2S Safety Procedures (Stop)

1990               MMS Well control

1990               H2S Safety Procedures (Stop)

1989               H2S Safety Procedures (Stop)

1989               MMS Well control

1989               Supervisor H2S Class (Secorp)

1988               MMS Well control

1987               AMOCO patent drilling equipment designed be me

1987               MMS Well control

1986               MMS Well control

1986               Supervisory Management Development IIA (refresher)

1985               Wrote program for Elevation of drilling rigs and equipment for AMOCO

1985               MMS Well control

1985               Supervisory Management Development Program IIA

1984               MMS Well control

1984               Drilling Engineering Course - AMOCO

1983               MMS Well control

1982               MMS Well control

1981               MMS Well control

1977               Business Management - ICS School

1977               Petroleum Production Operation - ICS School

1974               Supervisory Course - Offshore Technology

1972               Jacking System and Mechanical Engineering

1971               Mud Properties and Pressure Control - GULF Oil Co.

1970               AIODC Drilling Technology School

1987               Helicopter Mobilization - Humble Oil

1985               Inert Mud Systems and Industry Mud - IMCO

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