JES Bossier Experience

The East Texas Bossier has received a significant amount of attention in recent months. JES has been involved in drilling, completion and operation of the wells on the western shelf of the East Texas Basin since 1976. JES has been involved with many wells in this area over the past 25 years.

This experience has included in varying degrees the following:
  • Drilling, completion and operations involvement in the excess of 200 wells since 1976.
  • Formations have included the Smackover, Cotton Valley Lime, Cotton Valley Pinnacle Reef, Bossier Sand, Cotton Valley Sand, Travis Peak, Rodessa and Woodbine.
  • This involvement has included elements in varying degrees of the following assignments:
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Regulatory filings
  • Regulatory hearings
  • Well planning
  • AFE development
  • Facility and pipeline planning and installation
  • Site supervision of drilling, completion, fracing, facility installation, pipeline installation and general operations
  • Completion design
  • Frac design and selection
  • Onsite technical supervision of fracture stimulations
  • Reserve and economic studies
  • Geological studies
  • Area statistical trend studies
  • Extensive literature searches and information compiling and indexing on the current Bossier activity
  • Development of an extensive historical database for production, completion and stimulation data on Bossier wells
  • Development of analytical techniques for analyzing database information to predict optimum criteria for specific program parameters

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