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James E. Smith & Associates, Inc. (JES) is a multi-disciplined engineering firm that offers a total package of services to the Oil & Gas Industry in East Texas and other areas in the southwestern United States. James E. Smith, P.E., Founder and President of James E. Smith & Associates, Inc., is a Registered Professional Engineer with over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. A graduate of Texas A&M University, James worked 18 years for the Texas Railroad Commission serving as Field Operations Director, Hearing Examiner, Special Project Engineer in Austin, and as the District Director of both the Kilgore and Abilene District Offices. As Field Operations Director for the Texas Railroad Commission, he developed Texas' "Rule 36" dealing with H2S sour gas in production, drilling and completion operations. Prior to forming JES, James was President of Smith & Harmon Engineering Company, Inc. and managed Petro-Management, Inc. James has extensive experience in economic and reservoir evaluation for acquisitions, producing properties and undeveloped prospects. JES is a recognized petroleum engineering firm with an established reputation and considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to provide the Oil & Gas Industry with the same quality of services it has provided its clientele for the past 20 years.


The mission of JES is to provide a comprehensive package of services to the Oil & Gas Industry. JES has successfully done so by assembling a multi-disciplined team of capable and experienced professionals. The JES approach includes the blending of the professional staff's many years of experience with support from a technical group that utilizes state-of-the-art computer work stations, an extensive software library and a database information system. This approach maximizes the experience and skills of the professional staff to produce a product that accomplishes the project's objective within pre-established cost limits. The services are available on a specific-item basis in order to allow the client to pick the services needed. JES can provide both in-house and out-source professional services.


As active engineers and petroleum consultants, the JES staff has been involved in drilling, completing and operating over 1000 wells in the depth range of 3,000' to 20,000'. These wells include Cotton Valley Lime, Smackover, Travis Peak, Pettit, Rodessa and Woodbine and, more recently, the Cotton Valley Pinnacle Reef wells of East Texas. Experience includes all the major producing areas of Texas and its neighboring states of New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana. JES has also been involved in other well operations throughout the United States.


Services Available

Engineering Services:

Well Planning and Authority for Expenditures
Complete written well plans and AFEs for drilling, completing and operating oil and gas wells.

Reserves and Evaluation
Complete reserve and evaluation services using the ARIES Economic software.
Forecasting based on decline curve analysis, history matching, reservoir simulation and material balance methods. Studies based on both deterministic and probabilistic methods. Reserves classification based on the Society of Petroleum Engineers guideline. SEC and financial institution studies available.

Reservoir Study
Capability to perform simple to complex reservoir studies using a mix of recognized engineering methods. Studies are conducted using state-of-the-art engineering software including industry recognized programs. Software library includes the PC Boast Black Oil simulator by Petroware, Boast 4D by Fanchi, Well Test by Fekete, Promat by Holditch, OilWat and GasWat Material Balance by Dwight's, Perform by Dwight's, Toolbox by Technical, and Toolkit by Boone.

Installation Design
Complete design and engineering specifications for oil and gas facilities, pipelines and wellsite systems.

Pipeline Design and Installation
Capability and experience in the development of specifications, bid soliciting, bid review and installation supervision.

Bossier Sand Programs
The JES Bossier Support Team is led by Mr. John M. Garvey, Petroleum Engineer, who has recently had extensive experience from actual well-site supervision to involvement in all facets of the current Bossier activity. Mr. Garvey has assembled a team of experienced technical and site-specific professionals with actual hands-on experience in the current Bossier activity. The objective of this support team is to supply the current operators with a personalized program, tailored for the specific needs of each individual company. JES Bossier Sand Experience

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Operations
Complete study and design capabilities for all aspects of H2S operations.

Forensic Engineer Studies
Capability and experience to conduct forensic audits, incident reconstruction and failure analysis.

Property Acquisitions
Complete Geologic and Engineering studies on potential purchase or sale of properties.

Legal Services
Expert Geological and Engineering Professional Witness Service to the Legal Fraternity.

Wellsite Services:

Engineering Supervision of Well Operations
Daily engineering supervision of drilling, completing and operating oil and gas wells.

Wellsite Supervision
Wellsite supervision of drilling and completing oil & gas wells by experienced Wellsite foremen. Daily reports using the CAPE, DIMS and CC Mail format.

Installation Supervision
Wellsite supervision of production facilities.

Production Foreman Services
Field supervision of well operations by experienced production foremen.

Environmental Services
Complete environmental oriented services in the oil & gas industry.

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Planning
Consultation, advisement, and supervision for companies in executing the necessary measures to comply with SPCC regulations.

Production Services
Daily production service for operation of oil and gas wells.

Support Services:

Research and Data Collection
Complete compliment of on-line and CD ROM data-based services using PI, Dwight's, Laser, Railroad Commission, Oil & Gas Journal, and Internet Sources. Extensive in-house database developed with over 25 years of continuous consulting service.

Gas Allocation and Distribution Services
Complete service to allocate gas, balance adjustment audits, and market service.

Joint Operation Agreements (JOA)
Capability and experience in the review and advisement on terms of the JOA agreement between parties. Experience in the analysis and settlement of disputes.

Gas Contracts
Capability and experience to assist in negotiating new gas contracts.

Oil & Gas Accounting Services
Complete full service package including revenue, distribution and JIB billing using the Avatar Software Accounting Package.

Regulatory Services
Complete RRC, NGPA, Regulatory Support, Completion Filing, Hearings, New Field Discovery, NGPA Classification Determination, Special Filings and Representation.

Graphical Presentation
Capability and experience in developing graphical presentation and brochures, including jury and presentation aids using latest state-of-the-art software.

Safety Studies
Complete review of safety and insurance audits for oil & gas operations.

Due Diligence and Joint Interest Audits
Capability and experience in due diligence and joint interest audit projects.

Geological Services:

Geological Analysis
Complete geological service, including prospect evaluation, log analysis, and geological support to engineering group. Complete digitizing capability using Surfer Software, AutoCAD 14 & 2002, and ArcInfo system.

Consulting service by a proven and established Geophysics team using current state-of-the-art processing and interpretation methods, and complete geophysics service using 2D/3Dpak by Micro technology.

Prospect Review
Capability and experience in the complete Engineering and Geological review of prospects.
Experience in the marketing and presentation of prospects.

Property Acquisitions
Complete Geologic and Engineering studies on potential purchase or sale of properties.

Hydrogen Sulfide:

James E. Smith is recognized throughout the industry for his expertise in Hydrogen Sulfide Operations. He was the principal author of the Texas RRC Rule 36 which has become the international standard for Hydrogen Sulfide regulations.

Special Activities of James E. Smith, P.E. in the Field of H2S Operations


Forensic Services:

As expert witnesses in the field of Petroleum Engineering and Oil & Gas Operations, the JES staff is recognized by both the legal fraternity and the Oil & Gas Operating Industry. With this experience, the JES staff provides the industry with experts that work for both plaintiffs and defendants. The JES staff effectiveness as expert witnesses is enhanced by the fact that the staff is continuously involved in current operations. Special Qualifications of James E. Smith, P.E. for Forensic Services

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